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Miscellaneous pieces of furniture that I built either alone or with some help. The pieces that are made of black walnut are made from wood that was cut down in North Geogia by my brother, my father, a former co-worker and my self. It was milled on site and stored for a year to dry out. It was well worth the investment in time and money because it has made some beautiful furniture.

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This cross was a project was done by the whole family. Much of it was cut and assembled by me with my father's help, but my father did all of the finish preparation. Then my mother did the finish work as usual because that is what she is really good at, other than supervising of course. Dean was responsible for creating the center piece for this cross which he turned on his lathe. The whole thing is constructed of the same black walnut trees that we cut down up in Clarksville years ago. This piece now resides in the Stewart Baptist church in Stewart, GA, which recently opened a new facility. Feel free to drop by and check it out. It measures 7ft 6in vertically by 4ft 5in horizontally.

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Various woodworking projects that I have completed in the last few years. I always have a new project in progress because I am a very slow a deliberate woodworker. My brother has become quite adept at making things from from wood as well.

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December 2003 - I decided to use my limited woodworking skills to create Christmas presents for 3 of my closest friends. One went to Lee and Lisa, one went to Pete and Karen and the other went to Jim and Teena. Two of them were delivered unfinished and made of maple, but I decided to put a finish on oak for Lee and Lisa.

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Mud room


March 2006 - We didn't much care for the bench and cheap wooden pegs that the builder could do so we opted not to have the builder do it. Instead, we did it ourselves and made the bench out of oak and stained it to match the oak hardwood floors. It even includes a convenience shelf above and several three pronged iron hooks. I did most of the construction, but Laurie was key on the staining and varnish.

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Bathroom shelves


These shelves were built to go in the master bathroom at the request of Laurie. She gave me some basic guidelines of what she wanted and I embelished from there. The only things that changed from the original design (the ones she wanted from Pottery Barn) include beveling the front edges and staggering the dimensions from the top shelf to the bottom shelf. They are made from the stock pile of black walnut that I have with only a rub-on clear coat finish on them. They are attached to the wall with simple sheetrock screws that slide into slots made by a keyhole router bit.

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Zoe's room


July 2006 - We took the opportunity of Zoe being out of town for a week to do a complete makeover of her room and give her a big surprise. It took lots of planning and help from most of the family to pull it all off in just a week, but we certainly did. Now she feels like a little princess in her room built for a princess. I'm placing this album under woodworking for lack of a better place to put it.

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It all started when Laurie saw a bedroom suit in Potterybarn that she really liked. It didn't look that tough to build so I volunteered my time and effort to build the whole thing myself. There were a couple tweaks with height and materials, but overall the design is the same as the one in the store. The real benefit is that I can custom build a TV cabinet and it will match the rest of the furniture in the room perfectly. I finished the bed in December of 2006 and gave it to Laurie for Christmas and then quickly after that built the night stands in January of 2007. The dresser is complete a year after the bed (December 2007) but it looks good just the same. The next step now is to determine where the TV will go, on the wall or in a cabinet that raises it up. That will be the next project either way for this bedroom.

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Adirondack Chairs


More than a year after receiving the building plans for a folding adirondack chair (from my sister-in-law) I decided to build one for my sister-in-law and brother-in-law for their birthdays. Since I was going to be building those 2 I decided to just build 2 more at the same time for Laurie and I. Cyndi and Adam got theirs first on Adam's birthday, but just a week later we had our own set on our front porch. This was the first thing I've ever built based on plans and my first project using cedar as well. I'm sure there will be many more of both though.

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It was in October 2006 that I first heard that I was going to be a new uncle. Knowing, at least in some detail, that Laurie's family had a heirloom cradle that had been used for many generations I didn't think it appropriate to ask to lend it to my brother and sister-in-law. Instead I decided to start my own heirloom tradition in the form of a cradle. I ended up borrowing the existing family cradle to use for size, shape and detail reference. I also thought it would mean more to use the black walnut that my brother, father and I cut down and had milled up in Clarkesville. So with my pile of wood and my sample cradle in hand I set out to build something unique. The pictures that follow are the result of that effort.

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Random files - Woodworking
Thursday night - Zoe has just left on her trip for a week as Laurie captures the before pictures30 views
Saturday - The paneling is done and now the drink shelf is going in43 views
Sunday - By the end of the day the platform was covered and the bed assembled and put in place43 views
Saturday - The green is done and the first coat of white trim paint goes onto the paneling and trim36 views
The bottom shelves are slightly smaller23 views
The main support bracket is secured with an angled spline26 views
The mirror donated by a neighbor is the perfect size to go with the dresser28 views
The side table19 views

Last additions - Woodworking
A TV stand25 viewsOct 31, 2009
The side table19 viewsOct 31, 2009
The mirror donated by a neighbor is the perfect size to go with the dresser28 viewsOct 31, 2009
The easel is seven feet tall to accomodate the tall ceilings34 viewsOct 31, 2009
The easel is now home for a piece of art by Bob Hart44 viewsOct 31, 2009
There are even matching candle holders32 viewsOct 31, 2009
The finished product still sitting in finish room.43 viewsDec 16, 2007
You can see the 100lbs sliding rails that insure smooth operation of each drawer.41 viewsDec 16, 2007