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Zoe Kay


She's a mess, but that's what makes her so special. No one could ask for a better daughter.

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The newest addition to the family has finally arrived and he's pretty cute. Enjoy the many pictures that will be posted here of him.

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My beautiful wife...

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Dean, Brandy, Vivian & Caroline


My brother lives in McDonough, Georgia. He is a CPA that works with real estate investments. His hobbies include woodworking and riding his Harley Davidson Road King. He likes to travel and is an excellent photographer. He and Brandy got married in March of 2005 so now I have a sister-in-law as new family. They had their first child on May 17th, 2007 to give me my first niece. Their website is located at

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Cyndi, Adam, Brantley, Reece and Trevor


The sister-in-law, brother-in-law and nephews.

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Mom & Dad Farmer


Both of my parents are retired and they live in Covington, GA. my dad continues to work and travel a lot. He spends much of his time working around the yard with mom. He teaches Sunday school and assists with many of the churches needs. My mom spends a lot of time making crafts like quilts and afghans. She also does a lot of the finish work for the wood working pieces that I make. She had a cat named Smokey, but now she has a cat named Precious.

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Kupis Family


On a spring break trip in April of 2007 I got to meet lots of my wife's extended family on her father's side. We traveled up to New Hampshire and spent 3 days hanging out at Grammy's house and visiting with everyone. It felt like a small family reunion of the Kupis family because everyone was there. Grammy was a real treat to meet as was the rest of my wife's family. I look forward to returning and visiting again real soon.

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The Farm


What can I say about the farm? They each have their own little quirks that make them either more annoying or more endearing at times, but we all live as one big happy family.

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Extended Famliy


This is some of my other family members including everything from aunts and uncles to first and second cousins.

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