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The Wedding


July 2005 - After my ever so dramatic and romantic proposal back in April I had to continue the theme with a particularly special wedding. Since the proposal "involved" pirate ships the closest we could come up with was a sailboat. We set sail a couple hours before sunset with 10 guests into the Gulf of Mexico from the Key West Hyatt Marina and were wed just before sunset. All enjoyed some good food, good company and the beautiful scenery. It was a great time all around. The pictures shown here are a combination those taken by our photographer, Gary, and my brother, Dean.

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Around the Island


July 2005 - On this trip to Key West we went along with all of our immediate family members, but they all left the day after the wedding leaving us to enjoy the island alone. We did many of the touristy things, such as tour the island on waverunners, snorkel, and eat at all the well know pubs. We stayed in a great hotel that was conveniently located and walked pretty much everywhere we went. The weather was rather warm but clear skies and no rain made for great weather otherwise.

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Hemmingway House


July 2005 - While the women were off doing their thing, like nails and flowers and such in preparation for the wedding, some of the guys took the opportunity to visit the Hemmingway House. It was an interesting tour and provided a good bit of background and well worth the time and money.

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