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Skydiving in Northwest Georgia


February 2002 - My first skydiving experience was a good one. I did a tandem jump with my instructor Rob at the Atlanta Skydive Center. You can reach them at 770-614-DIVE if you are interested. We went up in a plane along with about 20 others to 14000 ft. All of the individual divers went first and then the tandems. I have some great video and these pictures to show for it... along with some stories. Dean was the instegator of this by giving me a gift certificate to skydive, but only after he found out tha the is my beneficiary.

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First Golf Round, Myrtle Beach


May 2002 - While out in Myrtle Beach for the Memorial Day weekend I made my first attempt at playing golf. Jim was quite hungover from the night before, which made me look not so bad. Jim mostly recovered from his hangover on the back nine and I showed marked improvements. My total score was a sad 150. 87 on the front nine and a 63 on the back nine.

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Discovery Flight, Gwinnett Airport


June 2002 - A discovery is flight is one that you take if you are considering learning how to fly. I am not really interested in learning this skill right now, but maybe sometime in the distant future. It was a fun experience and somewhat educational as well. I learned things like what is checked in pre-flight and the names of many of the parts of a plane. Then I got to take the helm when we took off and while we were in the air. The flight only lasted about 30 minutes but it was well worth it.

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Whitewater Rafting, Shubenacadie


July 2002 - The Shubenacadie is a river that empties into the Minas Basin. This area has the largest tidal changes of any place on earth. When the tide comes into this area it is higher than the river. Therefore, at certain times of day it is possible to do white water rafting up the river rather than down. We went during some of the mildest tidal changes but it was fun just the same. We were only able to get before and after pictures but pay attention to the level of the water behind us.

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Snowmobiling, Northern Michigan


February 2003 - Laurie and I made a nice relaxing long weekend trip up to Michigan to visit some of her family. We stayed with Mike, Jody, Nicole and Zach. We go lucky and they had plenty of snow both before we got there and while we were there. They were nice enough to take us out snowmobiling around on several ocassions which resulted in these pictures. We were able to achieve some pretty fast speeds on the level flat areas which reach as high as 80+ mph. I'm assuming that we were breaking some sort of laws but since no one was around to witness it I guess it doesn't matter.

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Georgia Aquarium


March 2006 - My brother and sister-in-law gave us gift tickets to the Georgia Aquarium for Christmas so we took a cold day in February and went with the bearers of the gift. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but whatever it was the aquarium far exceeded those expectations. We spent only a few hours there and managed to work our way through the whole place, obviously leaving some of the kid activities to Zoe. All in all it was a great day and a very impressive exhibit.

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Paintball Battle


April 2006 - A large group of co-workers, friends and family joined me for a fierce paintball battle. The paintball field was kind of primitive and unorganized, but we managed. It turned out that there was only a hand full of people that were not with our group, so we ended up battling against our own. All had a good time and no one was hurt...seriously. ;-) I can see this event happening again in the future. Thanks to Conor who provided the pictures.

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Scuba diving in St Thomas


May 2006 - During a week long carribean cruise Dean and I decided to do a couple of dives off of the coast of St Thomas, USVI. The first dive was a shipwreck dive where I encountered a barracuda lurking in the hull of the ship. The second dive was a reef dive where we saw a small shark. Please pardon the pictures as they were taken with a somewhat primitive camera.

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