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Carolina Motorsports Park


June 2004 - This track day was the track day that wasn't meant to be for myself. The trip started later than planned and we ended up taking several wrong turns along the way. We didn't make to Kershaw until after midnight and had to be at the track around 7 am the next day. I ended up sleeping surprisingly well, but I later discovered it was because I was ill. Anyway, the day started out a littel shakey, but there were no incidents up until lunch time, but because I felt like my tires were going I decided to change my tires at lunch. The rear tire came off and the replacement went on with no problem, but the front tire gave us some trouble. Several of us joined in the effort to remove the front axel with no success, so we eventually gave up and I decided to go with that front tire until I could get it home and figure out the problem. This turned out to be a significant mistake as during the next session the front tire broke lose in the fastest turn of the track. What you see here is the result of that mistake.

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Jennings GP (Me, Myself and ...)


May 2004 - It was a hot day in mid Spring at Jennings GP in North Florida. Virtually no one was there and I assume it was because of Mother's day weekend, but it made for some great riding on a wide open track. No records were set but plenty of fun was had and some goals were achieved, like keeping the shiny side down. These pictures were taken by a local photo company named "Photo one".

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Jennings GP (The Usual Suspects)


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Barber Motorsports Park (Me, Myself and ...)


September 2003 - This track practice day held by NESBA gave me the chance to get intimately familiar with Barber Motorsports Park. This is overall the best track that I've ridden on to date given the great facilities, along with the smoothness of the track and the elevation changes. I was there for 2 days and the track was very intimidating early on the first day but by the end of the first day I felt much more comfortable and I was happy with the lap times I was turning. Unfortunately, on the last session of the first day I grossly misjudged another rider's speed and intintion and ended crashing into the back left side of them while trying to pass. Ironically the same thing happened to me earlier in the day where someone ran into the back of me but I was somehow able to avoid falling. It did leave a nice hole in the tale section of my bike as a reminder of the incident. These photos were taken by Branam Photography and they did a pretty good job.

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Barber Motorsports Park (The Usual Suspects)


September 2003 - I had the good fortune of signing up for a couple of practice days at Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds, Alabama. This was was my first NESBA event and for the most part I was quite pleased by the organization and professionalism they displayed. I fully intend to sign for some more NESBA events in the near future. I headed out to the track with some old friends and made some new ones along the way. The noted attendees include Ned, Mike, Paul, Tomasz, Justin, Chuck and Chris. Although Chris wasn't riding he was pivotal in helping repair Justin's bike and taking most of these pictures, so thanks for that. Ned, Justin and I all had the misfortune of hitting the pavement during the trip but no one got hurt and all in all it was a good weekend.

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Harley Davidson VROD


My choice of bike for the street is the 2002 Harley Davidson VROD. Current mods include Screamin' Eagle exhaust and efi mapping, tinted turn signal covers, a choice of low sissy bar or a passenger backrest, all new chrome foot controls, a chrome sprocket and swingarm, chrome upper and lower belt guards, and a windshield, which doesn't get much use. Drag bars, chrome switches, and low profile mirrors are a few of the latest mods. More to come...

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Honda CRF450


General pics of my Honda CRF450 after some simple modifications have been made to it. A few cosmetic changes and a few functional changes. Additions include Meiar handguards, Fastway (case saver, chain blocks, shark fin, and brake saver), Acerbis plastic, Uni air-filter, Trail Tech computer and more to come.

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Durhamtown - Offroad


The fun and festivities after the poker run at Durhamtown Plantation, Labor Day weekend September, 2002. Most of the time was spent standing around waiting for the results, but this allowed time to get to know some of the other GOR people. Thanks to Durhamtown Plantation.

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Area 7 - Offroad


I bought a 2002 Honda CRF450 in February and I'm having a blast with it. These are some shots from a place in Loganville called Area 7 They are not very exciting yet, but hopefully they will be more exciting in the future. Next stop is Durahmtown.

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North Florida Motorsports Park


A beautiful winter day in north Florida. This is a new track called the North Florida Motorsports Park. The track day was organized by Marietta Motorsports. Laurie was on hand to take some video of the event and she did a wonderful job.

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Road Atlanta


A fun filled day at Road Atlanta taking the Pridmore class. All of the Road Atlanta photos of me were taken by Jim's girlfriend, Patricia. The Big Kahuna pictures were taken by me.

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Tearing out of a berm at Area 77 views
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Big Kahuna May 200221 viewsMay 31, 2005
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